Imagine you threw a party and nobody showed up.

That’s heartbreaking. We know how to avoid it.


First thing – you need a proper launch. We’ll take care of that. Trailers and teasers catch the people you are willing to connect with. We love to create them. They are crucial in the build-up of any event.


Making the best moments stick. That’s what highlight films are supposed to do. These films go straight into the long-term memory of your community as they wrap up the event. Hence we better make them stand out! Don’t worry, we will.

It might be done but it’s not over. Never. Recaps keep an event alive during the off-season. Best-of films, outtakes, bloopers and collections keep up the interest of your community.


Making the long story long. In depth documentaries  review the entire happening. Many story-angles and tales perish in the fast paced machinery of today’s media. This is the platform to reveal the details. To amaze people. To inspire.


Visualise it before it happens. Quite often animated maps and previews help to feature what’s coming up. Course animations and track layouts get participants excited in the build-up. Little bits and pieces provide your community with the information they need.


We cater for the right platform. Video content for social media needs to be customised. Snippets, series, specials – you name it. Instagram is not facebook is not twitter is not snapchat. We know how to feed the beasts. Likers gonna like.

Don’t miss the #Helsinki #CrashedIce race tomorrow at 5.00pm CET on or on Red Bull TV!

Ein von Red Bull Crashed Ice (@redbullcrashedice) gepostetes Video am


Keeping the sponsors happy – that’s what it’s all about. We’ll set light to the jungle of logos and brands represented on site. Individual brand focused films make sure it all doesn’t go unnoticed. Branded content goes beyond filming the banners and sponsor flags on site. Content is king. There are stories to be told.


Spread the word. Quick! Our workflow allows a fast turnaround of the gathered footage. We supply broadcasters and other news channels as it all happens.

Global news distribution ensures airtime across all channels – both nationally and internationally.  You set the headlines. We meet the deadlines.

Event coverage has been our core business for many years.

We’ll make sure your party gets the spotlight it deserves.